Bad Results Can Hurt While Good Results Can Help

Bad Results Can Hurt While Good Results Can Help

When people want to know you or your company, they Google it first to form an opinion about you or your business. Each day, billions of names are being scrutinized. That number is more than the population of the US and Europe when you combine it.

These days, 75 percent of hiring managers are using Google to know more about their job applicants. Thus, if you want to get hired, you must look good in the eyes of Google.

It’s where online reputation management of Danny Star comes in. But the service we offer isn’t just for job applicants.

Keep in mind that negative judgments happen each day in business. With the help of our tools and services, we can ensure that you stand out from the competition each time someone or a hiring manager Googled you.

What Can Our Online Reputation Management Do?

Impress People When They Search Your Name Or Company

Each time you talk to a potential client or apply for a job, you’re being looked up. Even when you go on a day, you’re being Googled. Hence, you need to make sure that those people searching would like what they find about you or your company.

One of the things to impress people is to promote yourself or your brand. With our online reputation service, we can push your most recent accomplishments to be on top of the Google search result.

Repair Negative Results And Protect Against Future Negative Feedback

Even if you only have one bad result on Google, it can still severely damage your company or your career. Our job is to suppress negative results and replace them with accurate, positive ones.

Then, to ensure you won’t get any of those results, we’ll protect your name against adverse effects that can ruin your career or company. We’ll create a defensive barrier of relevant and positive content.

The truth is that you don’t have control over what people write about you. It could be negative or positive. Despite that, you can still ensure that if they write negative things, you have more positive content that appears on the first page of Google. Those negative comments will never surface on the first or second page for anyone to see. After all, the majority of Google users don’t click the second page of SERP.

With our online reputation management service, you or your company will look great on Google. We’ll also protect you against damaging results that may appear in the future.

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