Can You Bury Those Negative Reviews

Can You Bury Those Negative Reviews?

Regardless of what you say about your business, your potential clients will look and search for your services online. They’ll check reviews that you have on Google, Facebook, Yelp and other sites. Always keep in mind that what other people say about your brand can affect your potential clients’ decisions.

What people are saying about your company, bad or good, will matter. Are they happy with your products or services? If you get positive comments, that’s great. However, if you receive numerous negative reviews that threaten your online reputation, you must address them and change your online reputation for the better. But how are you going to bury those negative reviews?

You can start by using those negative reviews into positive. How? Use them as constructive criticism to improve your brand. You can start by making a small change that can have a big effect on the perception of your clients or potential customers.

Then, bury those negative reviews with positive feedback.

Most businesses with a four-star rating would ask their happiest customers to leave a testimonial or a review online. You can follow suit.

Get Feedback From Clients

You can use your marketing database service to get feedback from your actual customers. From there, you can automatically send emails to your buyers and ask them to review your brand.

Now, if they rate a thumbs up, they can leave you a review online. If it’s a thumbs-down, they can receive a form that they can leave a comment about their experience. All negative comments would go straight to your inbox and not to the public.

Encourage Your Customers To Leave A Review Online

You may post a signage in your office to remind your customers to give you a review online about their experience. You may provide them with a quick set of instructions or an in-depth one.

Use Review Cards

These informational cards are customized for your business with some shortened links to guide your customers to several review sites that you want them to leave their comment.

One of the reasons you should consider using review cards is that most of your clients don’t know where they can leave a review for your brand. A simple card with a gentle reminder to give you an online review can make a huge difference.

Getting online reviews is vital for your local search engine optimization and online reputation. However, there are plenty more that we can do here to get your name in front of the people who are looking for your services and bury those negative reviews to page two or lower. Just call us up (213)457-3250 so we can start improving your online reputation.

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