How To Fix Your Online Reputation

How To Fix Your Online Reputation?

You can attempt to eliminate negative content about you. For example, if you have posted some photos that you don’t want others people to see, you can delete them. If you were tagged, you could simply untag it. On the other hand, if the photos or a post is on your friend’s profile, ask him/her politely to remove it.

But it’s quite difficult if you need to remove information about you or your company on a website that you can’t control. You may, however, contact the webmaster of the site to delete a post that you think is tarnishing your company’s reputation or your personal brand. If the site’s owner refused to do so, you have no choice but to ask the assistance of Google to remove the post from the search results.

How About Changing Your Screen Name?

Changing your screen name may work. That is, if you have made some embarrassing comments using your social media profile, you may choose to modify the screen name associated with your name. Then, use a different name. If possible, change it into something that can’t be linked to you.

Avoid Making The Same Mistake

It is possible to push those negative reviews or results about you down to the second, third or the lowest page. That is if you take action now to start building a positive online reputation.

But it will only work if you avoid making the same mistake that will surely cause you trouble in the first place. For that reason, you must start posting interesting photos and avoid publishing embarrassing posts. Always consider what you do to stop Google from showing negative results about you or your company.

Not all negative reviews can be deleted. However, you can beat them. What you can do now is to focus on how to build a positive reputation and bury those results that you don’t want others to see.

Even if you have a negative reputation today, it can still be improved, and you will gain positive reputation tomorrow. It is possible through the assistance of an online reputation manager.

Working with an online reputation manager can help you show your true colors online. Danny Star can offer several ways to provide your audience with a more flattering angle on your personal online. He and his team will work on the positive side of your business to outrank those bad ones. They will provide positive properties to support your name or your brand.

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