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How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Marketing and Sales?

Marketing your brand does not mean you need to spend millions of dollars. What you need, however, is a little creativity that can help generate more traffic, more paying customers, and more money.

However, as a business owner, you might think that your plans would have amazing results. If you do not have a marketing consultant who is working with you, it is highly likely that you will make silly mistakes that are actually avoidable.

On this post, let’s talk about some of the common pitfalls of marketing and sales and how you can avoid them.

No set of goals

It is easy to ignore basic goals at the start of your marketing campaign. Having no set of targets is like navigating in an unfamiliar city without the use of a map. You may discover friendly neighborhood, but you can’t find interesting places until you know where you should be going.

When you work with a marketing consultant, he/she can guide you listing down specific goals that can assist in focusing on your business. Remember a campaign A is different from a campaign B. That said, it is vital that you know what your company wants to achieve in six months, one year and ten years. From there, you can customize your plans based on every milestone.


No solid plan

To achieve a successful marketing campaign, it is not enough to know your goals. You also need to have a solid plan. It is like having a thoughtful recipe. Having it will help you avoid getting one wrong ingredient in your campaign that can ruin your entire campaign.

After listing down your goals, you need to know what strategies you can use to help you achieve that goal. Having clear policies will also assist in identifying the right tone for your marketing.

In other words, you must have a marketing recipe that will keep you focused.

No research

Although some small businesses succeed through guesswork, you should not base your plans entirely on guesses. That said, never assume how your audience would react. Instead, conduct a thorough research to support your goals and strategies.

It is vital that you research everything before you start mapping out your goals and plans. To do so, you should learn more about your audience demographics, competition and price structures. Although deciding through gut feeling may work, it is always better to decide through an informed choice.


The pitfalls of marketing and sales can be easily avoided if you work with a reliable marketing consultant. As mentioned earlier, experts can guide you in planning, strategizing and researching so your marketing campaign will be a success. Marketing experts will also assist you in finding out the tactics that work for your company.