Marketing Tactics for Consultants

Danny Star has been asked by several of his clients of what type of marketing that actually works best. He would usually say that it depends on the goals of the clients.

On this list, let’s find out about the marketing tactics that may be effective for your company.


They are undoubtedly useful in having a successful marketing plan. But you should conduct webinars once a month or more frequently. When you invite speakers, ask them to promote your webinar dates.

Having an affiliate webinar will help in growing your list and may generate income, not just for your company, but also your partners. However, you need to pre-booked for the full year. In this way, your partners will take action and decide promptly.

Email newsletters

They are hands down some of the best marketing tactics that can gather the most qualified leads. Email newsletters work because they enable you in nurturing relationships consistently.

You can share some interesting stories that surely resonate with your subscribers. When they know what they are getting, it makes it easier for your customers to say yes.

email marketing

Social media

You should also explore social media channels to market your business. Unfortunately, not all social media sites are created equal. Some are saying that their most productive leads come from Facebook connections while others think highly of LinkedIn. That said, it is vital that you know what social media your potential customers are using.

Marketing consultants, these days, often recommend the use of Facebook Ads as they see the possibility of having qualified leads. This is especially useful if your business is entirely online. They can generate a massive flow of email subscribers who can become paying clients.

Joint Venture

Sadly, it is a strategy that is sometimes overlooked. However, this marketing tactic lets one party shares something of value about another party with its audience. Your partner’s audience will also join your list so you will get even more.

Partnering with other people will put your company in front of a larger group of individuals in a very short time. Since your partners’ audience members already trust them when endorsing your brand, it will be easier for you to gain their trust so they will listen and benefit from what you are going to share.


As you have read on our list, the answer on what marketing tactic that works best will actually depend on your goals. The tactic that Danny Star is using may be practical for some of his clients, but it is not the right fit for other groups of customers.


One thing is for sure; you should never copy what other people are doing.