Things You Must Know When Managing Your Online Reputation

Things You Must Know When Managing Your Online Reputation

Reputation management is more than just appearing in the first ten results on Google. Keep in mind that there are several ways to tarnish your online image.

Private Content Can Still Be Shared

You may have set your social media profiles to private. In that way, you can speak your mind and post anything you want. But be careful, though. Any person who can view your private profile can save your photos or copy your text and share it with anyone who is outside your circle.

Impact Your Credit Rating

Lending companies are using social media in evaluating a borrower. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, are primarily used to confirm your identity and assess your creditworthiness. In fact, any activity on social media can be part of a FICO scoring.

Google Looks Into Review Websites

Yelp, Ripoff Report, and other review sites are rank highly on Google. That said, any negative reviews you obtained from these sites would appear in Google search results. So, you received a bad review on these places, expect to fight a great battle.

Law Is On Your Side

You can use the online defamation law to remove negative content about you. The search engine giant may also offer some assistance in removing that personal information from its search results. However, it is only applicable to particular circumstances. If you found your mug shots on some websites, you may find help from new laws and the changes to Google’s algorithm. The Internet eraser laws can also be used for a particular group of people.

Bad Reputation Is Not Exclusive To Bad People

Unfortunately, a bad reputation can also happen to good people. You may receive a poor online reputation, even if it’s not your fault. For example, if you were falsely accused of a particular crime, it could appear online.

Furthermore, your business may have received thousands of positive reviews, but you’ll also get quite a few negative reviews that can somehow damage your online reputation. These factors can’t be easily controlled. However, they can still influence your online reputation.

Because of these things, you need to consider turning your bad reputation into good. How? There are several possible ways. But you can’t do it alone.

You need an online manager who’s an expert in this area. An online reputation manager can bury your negative reviews and push your positive reviews on top of the search results. In that way, your potential clients or employers will only read those positive ones and never the negatives.

For more information on how to alleviate your negative reputation online, please contact (213)457-3250.

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