Ways To Develop A Positive Online Reputation

Ways To Develop A Positive Online Reputation

Building a positive online reputation is your best defense against negative online reputation issues you may experience in the future. The more positive notes you have associated with your name or brand, the better. Before you even have to an online reputation problem, you must take proactive steps today to influence your online reputation.

Have A Strong Foundation

It’s easier to have a stable foundation than to fix a structural problem. That said, you should consider taking the time to build a strong foundation of your online reputation but take your time in developing it. Although you can do it slowly, you should never put it off entirely. You need to start now to prevent any negative reputation problems that you may face in the future.

Invest In Your Online Profile

To support your online reputation, you should include photos and logos that can show your professional side. Use these photos for your website, news articles and other online profiles. Do them often to outrank those embarrassing pictures of yours in the past that may somehow pop up.

Claim Your Online Properties

It’s ideal that you claim all online properties. That means, even if you’re not planning to have a Tumblr or Pinterest account, you need to have one before others get them.

As much as possible, use your real name because that is the name that people will use to search you about you. By registering your online profile accounts, you can provide your potential customers accurate information about your brand. Then, after claiming them set the proper privacy settings. In this way, your content will not be shared.

Register A Google Plus Account

Google owns Google Plus. That said, it’s vital that you have an account with this social networking site as it can help you rank well online. All links, posts, and photos that you share on this social media service will rank well in the search result.

It is also ideal that you use Google My Business as a tool to manage your online reputation. Google uses several factors of this platform in populating visible areas of the search results. These elements would include photos, logos, business hours and reviews.

Publish Online Content

Not on your social media account but on your personal website where you can have a blog to share everything that’s necessary for your business or profession. Buy a .com of your full name. Then, use it to develop your online content. Whatever content you share, it can help influence the search engine results. When you do share on your website, make sure it’s positive.

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