Danny Star Client of the Day –  Mona’s Insurance 

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CLIENT: Mona’s Insurance 


WHAT THEY DO: This might be a case where we could’ve written: “what don’t they do?” The top of their site says “Mona’s Auto Insurance,” but the companies offer much more than that. For example, they’ve just expanded into offering all kinds of services like vehicle registration and renewal that a person would have had to go to the DMV for in the past. They also have roadside assistance now, expanding into that market as well. Notary public, tax services, and more, this is one of our clients that helps their customers in a wide variety of ways (in a way, similar to our SEO expert services).  




They’ve been with us for, as of this writing, just under two months now but we’ve already seen great growth on their part. From the beginning, we started SEO expert targeting their specific location, so that they’re able to better reach out to the potential customers in their area. From there, we bolstered their social media, Google My Business, and other accounts that can put them in front of more potential users. Each month we have updated the website for Google, always optimizing the pages, page titles, alt tags and more so that they continually rise higher. The site has been loaded with blogs and press releases have been sent out touting the growth of the company. Page Content has been upgraded too, so that potential customers can better learn about what the company has to offer. We’re excited to work with Mona’s Insurance, as we’re seeing them grow quite a bit already, with really no end in sight. If you’re interested in seeing how my SEO services can make your company grows as well as this one or several others have, you can contact me at: (213) 457-3250. 


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