Don’t Forget the Positive 


This is a difficult time. There’s no sugar-coating that. It’s difficult for everyone: customers, CEOs, small business owners, everybody. The world has been disrupted, and for so many, it’s a scarier moment than it was just a few short days ago. That said, you don’t want to totally ignore the positive. When you’re posting about your company on your social media platforms or on your blog, you want to be sure to mention some positive things, too. That’s not just for digital marketing or SEO purposes – that’s for yourself, too. 


You don’t want to overdo it. If you try to make everything in the world right now sound upbeat and chipper you run the risk of sounding ridiculous or, perhaps worse, disingenuous. Your customers want to hear from you that you’re still open, that you’re still in business, and that you have something to offer them – but they don’t want to hear a lot of nonsense. 


So, be upfront about what you’re doing, and what’s going on. But, don’t feel like you only have to tell them the gloom and doom. There’s plenty of that in the world right now, anyway. Be sure to mention something positive: maybe you have something new and great that you can offer them. Perhaps there’s a deal that you were thinking about offering your customers, and now is a perfect time for it. 


Or, you might just want to let them know some good news. For example, in the San Fernando Valley, the other day it was a small boy’s birthday. Obviously, for safety reasons, his parents had to cancel his birthday party. But, they talked to the neighbors, and when they took the kid for a walk, they saw the neighbors holding signs in their windows saying “Happy Birthday.” These are small things, but a little bit of sugar makes everything go down a bit better, particularly now. 


This shows a humanity in your brand, a real kind of human connection that can only serve your business well. If you want more help, a consultation or anything else, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at . 

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