Working from Home: Advanced Tips for Your Employees 


As people do things more and more, they get better at them. That’s true in digital marketing, and it’s true in just about everything else in life as well. However, for that to work, you have to do things the right way. Making the same mistakes over and over again in online marketing isn’t going to help your company. That’s why the process is so important. By this point in our worldwide work-from-home digital era, you’ve probably read so many articles telling you to make sure to “have a schedule” and “get dressed” when you work from home. There are some more advanced tips to help you and your employees be more successful no matter where they’re working from. 


Make Sure You Have Good Posture 


When we’re all in an office, when we might potentially be seen by supervisors, colleagues, clients, customers, or anyone else, we tend to be “on alert.” That means we do less slouching, hunching, etc. However, when you’re at home and can basically control when anyone sees you, it’s easy to let posture go to the point where you’re actively harming yourself. 


This doesn’t mean that you have to stand at attention like a Marine all the time, but having good posture can have an effect on how you interact with others. That’s true even when writing an email or communicating through Slack or something similar. Good rule of thumb: set up your monitor or phone (particularly before meetings) so that you’re close enough to where you can rest one arm in an asymmetric fashion. That way, you’ll look professional yet at ease, all while taking pressure off of your body. It’s a great way to do Zoom meetings as well as a fantastic way to just work in general. 


Consider a “Red Light/Green Light” Approach 


If you’ve ever stayed at a hotel, you probably know about the door hanger that lets the custodial service know whether they can come in and turn over your room or not. If you’re working at home with kids, roommates, or anyone else that could potentially keep you from work, plenty have found it effective to institute a similar system. 


You can use a door hanger, you can use a post-it note, you can use something online: all you need is something that lets the other people know you’re living with that you’re not able to talk to them right now unless it’s an emergency. So long as you can manipulate it and they can see it, it can be a highly effective tool for your productivity, mental health, emotional energy, and so much more. 


Everyone’s figuring this thing out as we go. There are plenty of businesses right now that are struggling, but there are many others who are doing better than ever. Danny Star and the rest of the team can help. Schedule a consultation today at: (213) 457-3250. 

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