After COVID-19: What Will Change in Business and What Won’t 


As of this writing, Danny sent the Website Depot team home to work remotely for just over a month. In that time, the company has moved to an essentially all-remote work footing: daily Zoom meetings, conference calls, videos, etc. When Danny does one of his marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions, those are online or over the phone, too. Once this pandemic finally ends, much will return to the way it was. Plenty of other things, however, won’t. It’s important for your business to be able to navigate this, to stay one step (or more) ahead of the trends. 


More Digital Than Ever Before 


So much has moved online in just a short period of time: telehealth, online schools, video conferencing, etc. Yes, much of that will go back to in-person, when folks’ safety can be guaranteed and the time is right. But, plenty of it is going to stay digital. The “new normal” (to use maybe the oldest cliche) is going to be so much more digital than it ever was prior to COVID-19. Many of Danny’s clients have done tremendously well during this time, so they’re going to want to incorporate what has worked for them into the post-social distancing era, too. That worked for their businesses and it can work for yours. 


Changing With the Times 


There are businesses that are inherently more flexible than others. Some companies, whether due to resources, their industry, or other factors are intrinsically more capable of adaptation. But, and Danny believes this strongly, every company can come out ahead in a digital age. Any business, regardless of industry or other factors, has an opportunity to not just get by in the new, even more digital age, but to genuinely thrive. During the pandemic, Danny is offering business counseling sessions for as low as $95: (213) 457-3250. 

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