From the Book: The Expanded Universe of Digital Marketing 

“Expanded universe,” in movies and TV, usually means some version of “beyond just the movies and television shows.” Novels that use characters from TV shows and movies are part of an expanded universe. Comic books, video games, and other forms of media can be, too. They’re all extra revenue streams, more ways of bringing in fans and giving them what they want. They can help to make the entire franchise that much more popular. 


In Danny’s book, “Vision 20/20: The Secrets of Digital Marketing and Its Role in Growing Your Business,” Danny explains the “expanded universe” of online marketing, and how it can make your business that much more successful. 

Digital Marketing and Beyond 


Throughout the book, Danny explains clear ways to improve your online marketing. Social media is an important part of this, but far from the only part. It’s crucial to have a great, optimized website, however, having that alone is not enough. SEO is a very useful tool, that said, it is only one tool of many. You see the point. Alone, each of these things are useful. Together, they can make your business truly take off. 


In the book, Danny also states in a simple, easy to follow way, other techniques you can use to improve your online marketing that you may not have thought of. While online marketing has supplanted other forms of marketing, it has not fully erased them. Combining many different forms of marketing, all befitting your brand, can raise your business that much higher. As an “Expanded Universe” works for major franchises, it can work for you. 

Free Book and Consultation Session 


Danny and the team here understand all too well how difficult this current pandemic can be for small businesses (or even businesses that aren’t that small). That’s why he wants to help out as much as possible. Currently, he’s giving away a free copy of his book as well as a thirty minute consulting session. You can set this up by messaging him or calling (213) 457-3250. 

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