Client of the Day: Tenina Law 

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What They Do: 


Tenina Law is a full service law firm. Well-established and highly-regarded, they provide many different services for clients all over Southern California. They can help guide someone through the process of Chapter 11, Chapter 13, and Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Additionally, they can assist clients with tax resolution, wills, and trusts. 


What We’re Doing for Them: 


In these blogs, we often highlight digital marketing clients that are doing great things to help people during this difficult time. Tenina Law really is a full-service firm. They can perform any number of services for their clients. In the pandemic, many folks, unfortunately, have had to file for bankruptcy. There are some businesses that, sad to say, just can’t get through this time. What Tenina Law has been doing is helping those folks to start fresh. 


So, while Tenina Law has many services to offer, they’ve been assisting many with bankruptcies recently. As they’re well-versed in multiple types of bankruptcies, they can work with folks to figure out which one will best give the client a fresh start. We’ve been doing all we can to assist with that. 


Even before the pandemic really began, we have helped them to climb Google search rankings. In early March, we helped them to jump six places with the keyword “bankruptcy attorney Sherman Oaks” and a whopping 17 places with the keyword “chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney Los Angeles.” Obviously, those are huge jumps. They can help Tenina Law reach more people. Additionally, they’ll help people connect to Tenina Law who really, really need the firm’s help. 


Of course, even during this time, all of Tenina Law’s other services are available. Folks still need a tax attorney, tax resolution services, wills, trusts, and so forth. The firm continues to work for their clients during this time just as we do. If you’ve been searching for the best way to adapt your company to the current climate, Danny’s ready to help. You can get a free book and a thirty minute consultation at (213) 457-3250. 

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