The More You Can Do



In his marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions, one thing that Danny commonly sees with small business owners is that they don’t realize all of the resources that they have. Sure, they know how much money they have, how much inventory, how many people on the payroll, that kind of thing. But, they don’t understand how much they have to offer, the sheer amount of brain power already under their roof. 


Give People More Ways to Find Your Business 


To use Danny’s experience at his company as an example, there are talented people on his staff who are talented in ways that maybe aren’t always directly related to their jobs. So, using this information, Danny worked to find ways for them to use these talents for the company. For one thing: podcasting. 


On Website Depot staff, Danny has people with backgrounds in journalism, stand up comedy, and acting. So, instead of having to go outside to find people, he simply carves out a bit of time for them to do their thing. This is good for the employees, as it’s one way to break up the work day, but it’s also great for the company, because it gives it one more way to get out there, to connect to clients (and potential clients) in a new, human way. 


Check What You Already Have on Your Payroll 


Maybe you don’t have people like that on staff at your small business… but maybe you do. Perhaps you have people who love taking pictures on their time off, or film funny videos, or something else that you can harness to help the company as well as themselves. As Danny’s fond of saying, there’s always something more you can do. 


Something you can do right now: get a free half hour consultation with Danny as well as a copy of his book for free at: (213) 452-3257. 

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