The Power of Empathy 

“These are difficult times.” 

“These are trying times.” 

“We’re all in this together…” 

How many of those phrases have you read in emails, social media posts, and other forms of advertising from companies since March? By June, each of them has become a kind of digital marketing cliche, but companies use them for a reason. Empathy is important for your business for any number of reasons. During the pandemic, you can use that empathy to help your business as well as your community. 


How Does Your Business Contribute to Customers and Their Communities? 


That’s an important question to ask yourself, but especially so during this pandemic. Your business, in some way, no matter what it is, helps. It can help the community in some way. Sure, yours may not be a quote-unquote “essential” business, but it has something to contribute. If you’re unsure about how to market your company during this time, don’t hesitate to let others know exactly how your company helps. 


Many of Danny’s clients have found success by finding new ways to confront the pandemic head on. For example, Scope Environmental offers a cleaning service that will eliminate 99.99% of pathogens like COVID-19. However, you don’t have to already have a restoration service to be able to help. To use another example, Malibu Gift, offers discounts on some of their luxurious, decadent snacks. 


Each helps in a certain way. Each contributes something to attract new customers, which they’ll be in a great position to hold onto once we all get through this time. 


New Ways of “Getting Out There” 


Many companies (Website Depot included) are doing podcasts. Some of these show clients, others show fellow employees. Each helps to build a better connection, to show how we’re all human and working through this together. With the right amount of empathy, you can help your company to not just exist in this time, but to thrive as well. 


For more tips on how to thrive, Danny offers remote marketing consultations at reduced pandemic prices. You can schedule one at: (213) 457-3250. 

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