Hoping and Preparing 

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There is perhaps no hoarier cliche in business than “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.” Like so many other cliches, it comes from a very real place: counting on good things to happen in the future can leave you unprepared for something bad. Finding the right balance between “optimism” and “preparation” is crucially important. 

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That’s especially true at this moment. As of this writing, summer is just about to get into full swing. Many places all across America are opening up, are open for business yet again. But, there are storm clouds on the horizon, so to speak. A second wave of COVID-19 may be coming, or it may already be here. Additionally, there are very real fears that the economy could get worse as the summer goes on. You need to prepare, but you need to prepare smartly. 


Running around terrified, sure that everything is going to be awful, it’s just as unhelpful to your business as it would be to assume that all will be well. Balancing concern with preparation, confidence with wariness, will leave you in the best, most flexible position to deal with whatever may come. 


Always Something You Can Do, in Good Times and Bad 


If you’ve read these blogs for any length of time, then you know that one of Danny often says “there’s always something you can do.” That means that no matter how bleak your situation may look, how much circumstances may be stacked against you, there is some positive action that you can take to help your business. 

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However, that isn’t just true during a recession, a pandemic, or some other extremely challenging time. It’s true during the good times as well. When you’re hopeful, when things are going great, there’s always something you can do then, too, to help your business. Through that, you can be ready for any future. 


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