Pivoting, Agility, and More: The Ability to Change When You Have To 


The Importance of Changing Quickly

Have you ever gone to a lecture or a speech where something happens moments before the speech begins, or even in the middle of the speech? Perhaps you went to see a talk only for the lights to go out, or a server to drop some kind of food, or there to be loud noises outside/some other kind of distraction. 


When this happened, did the speaker ignore the distraction? Or, did they mention it, and then work it into their talk? Danny (and much of the team here) have seen both. The speakers that ignore it immediately come off as less authentic, less trustworthy. It “distanced” them from us, as what they were saying wasn’t something unique that they had to say to us at the time, but rather, they were clearly reading off of a sheet. 


However, for those that did work the distraction into what they were saying (or even just acknowledged it) it made us trust them that much more. It made us believe in them as a speaker, it showed that they were intelligent, flexible, and more. 


You can use the same for your marketing. 


A Smart Marketing “Pivot” 


No matter what your industry is, somehow, it was affected by COVID-19. While this may feel like “old hat” after more than three months, the truth is that, unfortunately, this virus and its effects are going to be with us for a long time to come. 


So, your marketing needs to touch on that in some way. Even if your business hasn’t changed in any way, your customers certainly have. 


There has to be a way that your business, no matter what you do, can somehow better accommodate customers during this difficult time. Maybe it’s offering a sale, a new service, or perhaps it’s just a question of changing your content, your marketing, or something similar. 


Feel a bit confused? That’s understandable. Danny can help. You can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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