“Recycling” Marketing the Right Way 


One of the many questions that Danny’s often asked during these remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions is: “how do I make content that’s new?” Another version: “what’s a way I can do something that’s totally new to get out to my customers?” 


There are many answers to that question, but one of them is: “do you have to do something that’s new?” 


That’s not to say that you want to repeat yourself. Additionally, you don’t want to just keep putting the same stuff out there, over and over again. 


But, there are ways of repurposing information and content that you already have. Paradoxically, this can help you to better pivot in the moment. 


Yesterday’s Written Content = Today’s Video Content 


Do you have “old” blogs on your site? Do they say something about your company and what it does, or do they explain information that could help your customers? 


If so, film it. 


Film yourself, one of your employees, or find someone to record it. It could be done as voiceover, over images of your company, services, goods, or products. 


Alternatively, you could make a podcast about it. It could be you and your employees, or perhaps your clients, discussing that information. 


This is all “new” content. Indeed, as you’re saying it out loud, you’ll make it more relevant to the times. Doing it in the podcast format makes this kind of inevitable. 


Really, as you’re talking to someone who’s doing business at this current moment, it’s practically impossible to get very far without mentioning the pandemic, COVID-19, or something else topical that affects businesses. 


Gathered Information Makes for Great Graphics 


Don’t feel like you have to rush out to get a camera and a microphone just to film old blog posts. Another great way to update your content: make it into graphics. 


Have you posted blogs or other information in the past involving statistics, sales figures, or something else that involves numbers? That’s exactly the kind of thing that makes for a perfect graphic or infographic. 


These are just some ideas. To discuss this or anything else related to marketing, you can talk to Danny (for a reduced rate) at (213) 457-3250. 

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