What’s in a (Subject) Line? Perfecting Your Email Campaign 


Often in these blogs, Danny or a member of the team will explain something in “broad strokes.” That way, you’ll become aware of something you may not have heard of before, so that you can find ways to incorporate it into your own company. 

Sometimes, however, Danny and the team like to highlight the level of attention to detail that can go into one part of digital marketing or another. 

Case in point today, we’re going to go over how to find the right subject lines for your email marketing campaign. 



Subject Lines: The First Impression 


When you get an email from a business or business professional, the subject line is probably the first thing you notice. It can make all of the difference in the world as to whether or not you’re going to open that email. 

If that’s true for you, it’s true for everyone that you want to read your emails, too. 

So, when you want to write a subject line for your email, really think about what the main thing you want to convey is. 

Then, narrow it. In fact, narrow it as much as you can. If you feel that you’ve narrowed it too much, often, you’ve almost narrowed it enough. 

Then, make different variations. 

It’s easy to get locked into “one idea” and just forget about all others. Often, what we’ve found is that we’ll be working on one idea over and over again, then someone suggests something different, and we see that’s the better way to go. 

No work is ever wasted. 

When you work hard on one thing, you’ll find something that will help you, no matter what. 

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The Beginning and the Next Steps 


Once you’ve truly narrowed your subject lines down and created a few different variations, then it’s time to start testing them. 

You’d never shut down your business after one product didn’t work out as well as you’d hoped, nor would you do the same for one service or another. 

The same should be true for your email marketing, and really, all of your marketing. 

You want to look at the results after a couple campaigns (at least). Counting on just one campaign is a recipe for disaster. 

Figuring out how to move forward best, whether it’s through email marketing or anything else, is one more way that Danny can help. To schedule a meeting with him at reduced pandemic prices, call (213) 457-3250. 


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