Pivoting, Not Abandoning: Why “Old” Forms of Marketing Still Matter 


“Everyone’s online all the time now.” 

“What really matters is digital marketing. You can forget about everything else.” 

“You have to reach people where they live. We were always going to live more and more online, the pandemic just accelerated it.” 

Have you heard some version of these sentiments over the last few months? 

Of course you have. 

There’s a lot of truth in them. 

We are all online even more than we were before the pandemic. And, truth be told, we were plenty online then, too. 

But, it’s important to note that just because people spend so much of their lives online, that doesn’t mean that online marketing is the only way to reach them. 

For example, there’s still plenty of room in the world for direct sending. 


Direct Sending and Human Interaction


A recent interview in Forbes with Bill Macaitis, Board Member of “Sendoso” (and former CMO of Slack) really drove home how important direct sending can be. 

Sendoso “helps marketing and sales teams build relationships with prospects and customers.” So, their word is to be taken seriously when it comes to effective, somewhat “out of the box” connection techniques. 

In regards to direct marketing, Mr. Macaitis said “the perception of direct sending is that it’s an old-school marketing tactic no longer needed in the digital age. But nothing could be further from the truth! Even prior to the pandemic, opportunities for brands and customers to connect in-person have been dwindling as the world increasingly moves online. Yet, as individuals, our desire for authentic connection still remains.” 

It’s that last part that struck many of us on the team: “our desire for authentic connection still remains.” 

This makes so much sense. 

Many of us remember a specific mailer we were given by one company or another. 

Precious few of us have ever printed out an email and then hung it up or something similar. 

That makes as strong a connection as anything else, even more so. 


The Right Methods for Your Business 


Neither Danny nor anyone on the team here is suggesting that you cease all online marketing and move entirely into direct sending. 

But, it’s important to keep in mind that there are many forms of marketing available to you. Moreover, they can all work together. 

Perhaps ironically, direct sending can be even more helpful now since people do lack that “human touch” online. 

To determine whether this (or another form) of marketing might be right for your company, or even how to do so properly, Danny’s always glad to talk. You can schedule a consultation with him at (213) 457-3250. 

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