A Picture Says a Thousand Words About Your Values, Brand, and More 


“Content is king,” Danny says, well, pretty much all of the time. 

However, “content” does not mean “just words.” 

In fact, “words” are usually the last part of “content.” Pictures and now videos are as much if not much more important. 

In these blogs, you’ll find that we invariably have at least three pictures. 

They emphasize the points that we make in the blogs. 

Additionally, they draw in your attention. They activate your imagination. 

We don’t do it randomly. These pictures are (even though it might not always seem that way) carefully chosen. 

When you put together your own digital marketing content, you want to put some thought into the pictures you’re using. 


Use of Pictures During in 2020


Obviously, this year has not gone according to plan. 

To say the least, people have had to alter how they live their lives in very fundamental ways. 

You want to be able to speak to that in the pictures you use, too. 

People are spending more and more time inside (for very valid reasons). So, it makes sense that they’re going to want to be outdoors, or at least thinking about it. 

By that same token, active folks who may have spent time in gyms are now outdoors more often, running, hiking, etc. 

You don’t have to take our word for it. 

Listen to Shutterstock. 

Perhaps the biggest site for pictures used online, Shutterstock has found that hiking pictures have a 553% increase during 2020. 

That means five and a half more times hiking pictures have been used this year than last. 

There’s a message here for your content. 


Making the Pictures Work for You 


No one’s saying that you have to use hiking pictures in all of your content. After all, you may sell pizzas, cars, or something that has nothing to do with hiking, running, the outdoors, and so forth. 

But, pictures of the outdoors are about more than just “hiking.” They’re about freedom. They’re about clean air, being in control of your own life, and doing what you want. 

That’s something that can be incorporated into just about any kind of marketing plan. 

To figure out a better way to market your products or services, Danny is more than happy to help. You can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions with him (at reduced pandemic prices) when you call (213) 457-3250. 


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