In Business, Marketing, and Life, Don’t Forget to Celebrate 

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Labor Day Weekend is here. 

Take advantage of it. 

Enjoy it. 

Don’t just muddle through. 

We decided to start this blog with that as opposed to the now standard “this summer has been unlike any other” and “even during these difficult times, it’s important to enjoy the good things.” 

While that may be a cliche at this point, it’s true. 

Celebrating the good things, even small good things, is as important as ever. 

Sure, you can use this in your digital marketing, social media, and so forth. But, be sure to do it in your own life, too. 


“Leverage the Celebratory Day” 


That’s the advice from this particular article. 

Obviously, that’s correct. 

You can “develop interactive content based on a celebratory theme and churn out effective ways to engage your customers.” 

But, when doing so, don’t get caught up in all of the business-speak. “Leverage the celebratory day” and “church out effective ways to engage your customers” is not how people who are celebrating typically talk. 

Danny just covered that in Forbes this past week. 

Remember that, regardless of what industry you’re in, many if not most of your prospective customers this week are thinking about hot dogs, sitting around a pool, and so forth. 


Taking the Time for Yourself 


“Putting in the hours” is important. 

However, if all you do is “put in the hours,” then odds are you’re going to burn yourself out. You’ll certainly burn out those who work for you, too. 

Don’t forget to step away, to give yourself time away from everything. 

That way, you can come back refreshed and ready to go.

Labor Day is a holiday. It’s a holiday for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is “workers need a break.” 

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