Positive Marketing in Difficult Times 


Danny and the team here have read many articles about digital marketing during the pandemic. By keeping on top of trends and what’s happening, we’re better able to serve our clients. 

We have probably not read a better line than this from Doug Strickler, the CEO of an Atlanta-based company that has many bank and credit union clients: “– if I hear one more slow piano solo I think I’ll tear my teeth out.” 

That’s a great quote. 

Specifically, it’s in the context of “gloom and doom” marketing during the pandemic. 

It makes sense for his clients, banks and credit unions. After all, if everything is bad, if all hope is lost, then odds are you aren’t going to the bank for a loan. 


Marketing Tactics in Moderation 


That said, you don’t want to just ignore the pandemic, either. It doesn’t make sense for any company, whether they’re marketing banks or not, to tell people “all is well, business as usual,” etc. 

For just about every industry, it isn’t. 

That’s not to say that all businesses are affected the same way. They aren’t, nor are people. But, to say that everything is alright will turn off potential customers. 

By that same token, Mr. Strickler’s point about too much negativity is a good one. If you always say that things are bad, then potential customers are going to tune you out then, too. 

Even before the pandemic, for example, this was always a delicate part of marketing security companies. Yes, they’re about keeping you safe from threats, but focusing on just the threats was fear-mongering. 

Acknowledging threats while focusing on peace of mind, how comfortable you and yours would be, and so forth, was almost invariably the way to go. The same holds true today. 


Honest, Not Exaggeration 


This is one more place where honesty and authenticity carry the day. 

Acknowledge the difficulties while pointing out how you can help. 

Touch on what’s challenging, but be sure to mention the opportunities presented as well as what can be done by your company. 

After all, in any time, your business is going to be centered around how you help your customers. They just might need helped in different ways now. 

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