From Defensive Posture to the Front Foot: Beyond Business Survival 



“Get through.” 

“Do what you have to do to keep your business going.” 

That was much of the advice we read (and even gave) during the beginning of the pandemic. 

As so many businesses struggled in March and April, survival was key. 

For many businesses, it still is today. 

Just about every company in every industry was affected negatively in some way. 

From the biggest to the just starting out, the pandemic hurt them all. 

Many businesses, unfortunately, weren’t able to make it. 

Some muddled through and are still going.

Many others are doing what they can during this time with the idea being that, when the moment is right, they’ll really take off. 

That’s one of the things that Danny can help you to figure out during a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session. 


What We Can Learn from McDonald’s 


McDonald’s food is, for the most part, the last thing you should eat for nutrition. As with everything unhealthy, moderation is best. 

However, there is something we can learn from their marketing. 

As of this writing, McDonald’s is on the cusp of introducing a new product, “Spicy McNuggets.” They expect to do very well with this. 

We certainly expect them to do very well with this. 

They’re going to spend roughly $100 million on US advertising this year. 

One of the major reasons they’re able to do that? 

“(McDonald’s) withheld much of its marketing spending in the second quarter (of 2020). U.S. marketing spend at McDonald’s was down 70% in the period.” 

Now, due in large part to drive-thru, online ordering and delivery, “fast-food restaurant spending was up 17% in the week (ending) September 6th.” 

So, McDonald’s has money to spend at a time when things look good. 

As CEO Chris Kempczinski said: (in the second quarter) “We went into more of a defensive posture… It’s time for us to get back on the front foot. That’s why we have the marketing war chest.” 

There’s a lesson in here for your company. 


When to “Get Back on the Front Foot” 


It’s different for every company. 

Coming out of the “defensive posture” too soon can be a risk. 

However, waiting too long can mean that your business misses real opportunities. Specifically, the kinds of opportunities that can help your business to thrive during this or any other time. 

Danny can help with all of it. 

To talk to him at reduced COVID-19 pricing and about the topic of your choosing, call (213) 457-3250. 

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