What We Can Learn from Cattle Marketing (Yes, Cattle Marketing) 


To write these blogs, we go through a lot of marketing articles and stories every morning. 

Much of it is dreck. 

Rewrite: almost all of it is dreck. 

Paid professionals (or unpaid “professionals”) repeating the same buzzwords and bromides to each other ad nauseum. 

Every now and then, we encounter something insightful, new, and important. The kind of thing that has real value, even if it comes from an unexpected source. 

That occurred this morning with this article about “Cattle U.” 

Recently, there was a four day seminar about cattle marketing in the U.S. Special emphasis was “placed on markets before and after COVID-19.” 


The Importance of Virtual Events 


The Cattle U and Trade Show has been an event for decades. It allows farm families and their employees to attend, learn, network, and so forth. 

But, as there’s a pandemic on, High Plains Journal (the group who puts on the event) moved the entire thing online. 

In their words: “by transitioning to a virtual learning event, High Plains Journal hopes to broaden the audience for these educational opportunities.” 

So, they realized that the safest, best course of action would be to move the event online. Moreover, they realized this could also draw in more people than it might have previously. 

To get even more out of it, webinars from the event were “recorded and posted on (their site) for registered attendees to view at their convenience.” 

That means they’ll be able to grow their influence even more, as people can watch these videos at any time. 

To make this transition as smooth as possible, they announced this on July 17th for a September 8th through the 11th event. 

With two months’ lead time, attendees could better prepare. 


 “… Not Everyone Takes Advantage of Value-Adding Steps” 


That’s a line from the cattle marketing article. 

It’s in reference to “preconditioning calves.” Truth is, we’re not 100% sure exactly what that means (we do have some ideas). 

But, the point is, in regards to your business, it doesn’t matter what “preconditioning calves” is actually about. 

What does matter is that, in your business, somehow, you might not be taking advantage of value-adding steps. 

Even if you’re not in the cattle business, there’s probably something more that you could be doing to add value. That could be the case through your digital marketing, content, or some other aspect of your business. 

This is exactly the kind of thing that Danny can help with.

If you schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with him, he can help you to find those ways to add the most value to your marketing, your business, and so much more. To schedule a meeting at reduced COVID-19 pricing: (213) 457-3250. 


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