Happy Monday: How to Have a Better Monday 


“Happy Monday!” 

Danny says that to us often here at Website Depot. 

For some of us, we’d never heard anyone say that before, much less the boss. 

But, Danny means it. 

He really and sincerely wants his employees to have, well, a happy Monday. 

Coming from anyone else, it could come off as anything from sardonic to insincere. From Danny, however, it’s genuine. 

We’re not exactly breaking news in telling you how hard it can be to do your best work on a Monday. There are some things you can do to make Mondays just a bit easier and more productive. 


Start Planning Monday Morning on Friday Afternoon 


Monday morning can hit hard. 

You’ve been away for a weekend, and then: BAM! 

You have to do a whole lot of work all at once. 

To keep that from happening, start preparing for Monday on Friday. 

That could mean keeping a detailed to-do list. 

It could mean tackling harder stuff on a Friday afternoon so that you have easier work on a Monday. 

You could leave motivating notes for yourself to return to on Monday morning. If nothing else, they have a decent likelihood of making you smile before you’ve finished your coffee. 

If possible, try not to stay at work for extra hours on Friday. While you can’t always control that/deadlines, it can make Monday morning all the more difficult. 

You might not necessarily be able to keep the Monday crunch from hitting, but with a bit of effort, you can make it less devastating. 


Use Your Weekend


This is not another one of those blogs that says “prepare for Monday morning on Sunday night.” 

There are people that works for. 

However, it could also make Monday morning a bit more difficult, sapping your energy, etc. 

What can make Monday (and really the rest of the work week) that much easier is to make sure to do something you love every weekend. 

However, don’t just do something that you love. Make sure to schedule some real downtime, too. That way, you can fully recover by the time Monday comes around again. 

To be clear, this blog was written with the idea that you’re working 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Not everyone has that schedule. 

So, you can adjust it to what feels right for you. 

If your week is Wednesday through Sunday, then do the above on Monday and Tuesday, etc. 


Being More Productive Every Day 


Monday can be a tough day of the week, but it’s just one day of the week. 

A key to being successful in business: not just getting the most from your company and your employees on one day of the week, but rather, getting it on every day of the week. Danny can help with exactly that. 

To schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with him, where you can discuss digital marketing or anything else, call (213) 457-3250. 

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