Speak to Your Potential Customers Where They Are 


As you may know, every day Danny and the team here go through the most recent articles about digital marketing, social media, web design, all of it. 

Usually, the different outlets we check are writing about various topics. 

However, sometimes, many folks are writing about the same thing but they don’t realize it. 

Today’s theme very much was “talk to your customers where they are.” 



Your Potential Customers are Out There… and Possibly Hiding 


This article from Forbes explained how men are more interested in makeup and facial skin care than ever before. But, of course, many men are reluctant to admit that. So, companies who are going to market these to men have to do so “discreetly.” 

That means “employing strategically low-key direct-to-consumer methods to get their products noticed by potential customers.” 

To that end, it seems to be a lot of ads on social media as well as YouTube tutorials. 

The latter is key. Why? 

Because the customers who are interested (yet sheepish) are going to seek that out. 

A guy who’s curious about makeup wants to see how it looks on a guy like them. An ad that shows a model might turn someone like that off. 

Here, it “speaks to the customer where they are,” banking on the idea that they’re already looking up something like this. 



Different Interests/Generations, Different Platforms 



If you’re over the age of 30, odds are you haven’t used it (to say nothing of TikTok). 

But, it’s one of the best platforms for reaching customers who are members of “Generation Z” or “Zoomers.” 

If that’s a base of customers for your product, odds are you already have a Snapchat and TikTok strategy (or, at least, you better). However, if you think that they might be amenable to your products, then it makes sense to have a plan. 

To ignore a platform where your potential customers might be is to commit marketing malpractice. 



“Some of the Most Reliable Tools are the Most Simple” 


That’s what this article about email marketing and footwear claims. 

They’re right. 

While the sales of some kinds of shoes dropped during the pandemic, the truth is that people are always going to need shoes. Regardless of whether they’re headed outside or not, people are always going to buy shoes. 

Email marketing (among other methods) is a great way to reach those folks. 

Three separate articles, each stating more or less the same thing: “reach your customers where they are.” 

If you’d like to find more of your customers, or want some help in doing so, Danny Star is here to help. You can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles meeting with him at (213) 457-3250. 

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