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“Always be closing.” 

You’ve probably heard that in sales and marketing. 

It was a cliche even before Alec Baldwin said it in “Glengarry Glen Ross.” 

What it means, more or less, is “never lose focus of your goal.” 

No matter what’s happening “on a sit,” or when talking to a potential customer/client, if the salesperson is in the state of “always closing,” then the idea is all of their actions will work towards that goal. 

So, it basically means: “don’t lose sight of why you’re there.” 

Recently, Danny Star and the team came across another “always be” acronym that we felt really fits businesses at this time: “Always Be Testing.” 



Test for Greater Success 


In this article about “PPC Trends” one of their ideas was to “always be testing.” 

That’s a great idea for PPC campaigns, of course. With so much money on the line, you have to test to get the most out of them. 

However, the “Always Be Testing” mantra is important for far more than that, too. 

You want to always test your social media, your SEO, and everything else. 

Utilizing Google Analytics and other, similar methods can let you know how your campaigns are doing. Checking those often gives you the clearest idea. If you only look now and then, you may miss some of the nuances and fluctuations. But, by checking often, you can see how things really are going over time. 



Testing the Right Way 


A great analogy for this: losing weight. 

(We have a member on the team who lost 124 pounds and has kept it off for ten years, so we’re going with their experience on this.) 

When losing weight, you want to weigh yourself daily. Medical professionals recommend doing so every day at the same time. Usually, this is early in the morning. You haven’t eaten yet, so you’ll be at your “lightest,” so to speak. 

However, our teammate who lost all of that weight would weigh themselves after every meal. That way, they had an even clearer picture of how the weight was lost. That made it easier to track: “OK, I gained this much weight after eating this,” and so forth. 

With that kind of knowledge, they were able to find lasting success. 

Danny can help you to find greater success with your business, too. For a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session, you can reach Danny at (213) 457-3250. 


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