What You Can Learn from Jewelry Marketing 



Gorgeous to look at. Luxurious. Opulent. A symbol of status for millennia. 

All that said, it doesn’t sell itself. 

Jewelry, like just about everything else, requires marketing. 

This morning, Danny Star and the team here came across an article about marketing for jewelry. Even if your business is the exact opposite of selling engagement rings, there’s something you can take from this. 



Stability, Security, Tradition, and Comfort 


“Consumers are buying things that make them feel stable and secure.” 

While the author said this about marketing jewelry, that translates to just about all consumers right now. 

For your business, it might be emphasizing the traditional, the classical. What is it about your business that you’re best known for? Look at the goods, services, products, and more that form the “bedrock” of your business. Now might be a great time to really put your focus on that. 



Responsibility and Your Story 


“Across all demographics, consumers are reporting increased concern about the environment, sustainable practices, and responsible behaviors. People are paying attention to what it means to be good citizens…” and that makes this the perfect time to focus on how your company can help. 

Any reduction in your carbon footprint, any sustainability measures you’re taking, feel free to display those in your content marketing and more. 

By that same token, you can do the same for any charitable donations and works in your community. 

An extension of this: showing your safety measures. Folks, even ones that shop in your physical location, are going to want to know that you’re taking safety seriously. By highlighting the measures you’re going to in hopes of keeping folks safe from the pandemic, you can connect to more potential customers. 

The jewelry industry, perhaps more so than others, feels pressure to show that they’re being responsible. However, these tactics can work for your industry, too. 

Something else the article mentions that is a good practice for everyone: “plan to convey feelings of comfort and security in your marketing.” 

“Feel-good anecdotes,” the history of your company, customer testimonials and more are great ways to reach more people this season. 

To explore even more ways to do so, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles with Danny. You can do so for a reduced price at (213) 457-3250. 


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