The Staying Power of Staycation Marketing 


When Danny Star and the team look at various industries to learn from, we tend to look at the ones that have been hit hardest by the pandemic. 

After all, they’re the ones that have had to adjust the most. 

Moreover, they’ve had to do so while under pressure, with their very existence threatened. 

As it’s been eight months now since Danny sent the Website Depot team to work from home, we feel confident in saying that many businesses that were in trouble now have staying power. Some really are going to make it. Many companies are going to thrive. 

In part, they’re going to be able to do so due to changes they made “on the fly.” 

One strong example of that we’ve seen concerns the Florida tourism industry. 

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“Wide Open Spaces” – Beauty, Fun, and Safety 


Many members of the team are uncomfortable going out to public events right now. 

Due to health conditions and the threat of the virus, staying away from public areas is in their/our best interests. 

A marketing campaign for Collier County (a Florida county with beaches) includes the line: “it’s time to make up for everything you’ve been missing. So, when you’re ready for a getaway that’s part reward and all wide open spaces…” 

It’s the last that can appeal even to those who are most concerned about the virus. 

If the spaces are truly “wide open,” then it’s possible to safely social distance. 

This can all be done while relaxing in the Florida sun in winter. 

Whereas in the past, Collier may have promoted the sheer number of people who could potentially be at the beach, now, they’re promoting the opposite. 

Those “wide open spaces” make the beach more accessible to more people. 



Expanding the Definition of “Local Marketing” 


When you think of “local marketing” for your business, what’s your range? 

Is it ten miles from your location? Thirty? More? 

During this pandemic, far fewer people are flying. That should hold true even during the holiday season. 

That said, people may be more willing to drive to go somewhere. 

Indeed, that’s what these Florida beach marketing campaigns are counting on. 

That’s why Lee County (another Florida county with beaches) is “focusing more of its current promotional efforts on the drive market in Florida and it has extended that messaging to more of the state, as well as nearby ones, such as Georgia and South Carolina.” 

When we think of “marketing local to Florida,” we tend not to think of Georgia and South Carolina. Yet, for the purposes of this, the definition of “local marketing” has changed. 

To find the best way to reach your potential customers, wherever they might be, reach out to Danny. He’s currently offering remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions at lower rates: (213) 457-3250. 


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