Client of the Week: HillQuest Security 

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What They Do: 

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They are professional security. With the most stringent hiring standards in the industry, they hire only the best, most experienced pros. Then, once they are hired, they get HillQuest’s unique training to become even better. 

Only once they’ve met HillQuest’s standards (which are similar to those of the bureau of security and investigative services) are they allowed to work. 

HillQuest can provide security for just about any location, event, or person. Banks, construction sites, hotels, and healthcare facilities often require round the clock services. HillQuest also has plenty of experience in securing homes and movie sites as well. 

Beyond locations, HillQuest professionals provide event and personal security, too. With all of these different options, HillQuest puts together tailored packages to meet the individual needs of their clients, in Los Angeles, Miami, and elsewhere. 

One of the best things about HillQuest is that they’re always available. You can call them at any time, day or night, and they’ll be ready to help. Of course, once you have hired them, they can provide 24-hour supervision. Just as crime doesn’t take time off, neither do they. 


What We Do for Them: 


Many of Danny Star’s clients have been with him and Website Depot for a long time. It’s incredibly gratifying to watch businesses grow. 

HillQuest always offered great security. Now, they’re doing better than ever.

Danny and the team have helped by making sure that HillQuest ranks the highest for the keywords that are most important to them. That means “bodyguards services Hollywood” and “mobile patrol Los Angeles.” 

Additionally, they’re in second place for “Los Angeles security company,” “bank security services Los Angeles,” “retail security services Los Angeles,” and “best bodyguard company in Los Angeles.” 

HillQuest helps people. When folks are in need, HillQuest is there to secure their body as well as their location, belongings, and more. It’s great that more and more people are discovering what HillQuest can do. 

To reach this same kind of success with your company, you can reach out to Danny for a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session: (213) 457-3250. 


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