What We Can Learn About Digital Marketing from Home Furnishings 


All industries were affected by the pandemic, more or less. 

Some were more affected than others, of course. 

But, each had to make changes. 

For many businesses, they ramped up their digital marketing. 

Others tried digital marketing for the first time because, well, they had no other choice. 

This morning, Danny Star and the team came across this article from the Home Furnishings Association. 

It’s more or less an article for those just starting their online marketing. As ever, there are some important points in here that can help your business.



Start Conservatively, but Start 


The article makes an important point about working with digital marketers who want too much of your budget. 

Indeed, if someone “swoops in” and demands a large amount of your money to get started, be wary. 

But, this same holds true even if you don’t go with a professional marketer. 

For example, if you’re going it alone, you probably don’t want to put out a whole lot of money at first. At least not until you have a better idea of what you’re doing and how you can grow. 

That said, you also want to make sure that you’re putting out enough money to actually get started. 

If you invest too little in your online marketing, then you’re not really doing anything to grow. Instead of establishing a foundation, you’re basically throwing that money away. 

You have to find an amount that’s reasonable for your business, but not so small that it makes it impossible for you to grow. 


A+ Analytics 


You know to put more into your marketing when you see it’s reaching the right people. That ROI is critical, but not always something that you can necessarily ascertain on your own. 

Here, the analytics become so important. With those, you can know exactly how your marketing is doing. 

That said, you need to be sure you can read the analytics properly. After all, misreading the analytics is as bad as not reading the analytics at all. 

For more help with this or anything else related to your company, Danny offers remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions. You can schedule one of those at: (213) 457-3250. 


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