Keeping Control When You Work with a Marketer 


Many of the clients that Danny Star and the team here work with previously worked with another marketing company. 

The stories they tell about why things went awry are all different. 

That said, they often share commonalities. 

Many are exactly what you think: they didn’t rank high enough on Google, the content was of low quality, they didn’t quite “get” the company, etc. 

However, one particular complaint that we see every now and then stands out to us. 

Giving over too much control. 



Protect Yourself and Your Company 


We’ve heard horror stories from clients about how other marketers made them sign over so much.

Not money necessarily, but rather access or even the rights to their website, their Google Ads, their GMB, and so much more. 

“Read your contract” may seem like good advice here, but for many business owners, that’s not the kind of thing that they would think to do. This isn’t due to some naivete on the business owners’ end, but rather, they wouldn’t think that a marketer could do something so underhanded and petty. 

The best way to deal with this: ask. 

Just as you would with any other partnership, make sure that you’re prepared if things go sideways. Do what’s necessary to be able to walk away simply, easily, and cleanly. 

Asking questions of your digital marketing partner is a good idea regardless. 

If they answer the questions completely, then that’s one more way that you can trust. If they don’t, well, that will tell you something as well. 

That’s not to say that partnerships which seem rocky at the outside are precluded from stabilizing towards success. That kind of thing happens all the time. However, just as you would protect yourself and your company in any other kind of agreement or association, you want to make certain that the same security is in place with your marketer. 

For help with this or anything else related to full service digital marketing, Danny is here. You can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with him at (213) 457-3250. 

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