Knowing What Your Customers are Looking for and Why 

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“Which keywords are right for me?” 

“I know the keywords I think are correct for my business, but I don’t know exactly which ones to use.” 

Every business is different from the rest. That’s true within your industry as well. For example, one pizza place might be better served by focusing on “pizza delivery near me” while another could find its best, most lasting success with “Italian restaurant near me,” and so forth. 

Danny Star and the team are always glad to sit down with customers and figure out the best way to help your business grow. 

One technique that can help: ask yourself “when people search this keyword, what are they really looking for?” 

That can help you to know which keywords are best. 



The Intent Behind the Search 


The people who find your business online may not be looking for the same things. 

To continue the example of the pizza place, some may find you through “best pizza place near me.” They were looking for pizza, they were looking to buy it right now, and they found you. 

Alternatively, “best pizza place” might not have been someone looking for pizza for dinner in an hour. It could be someone that was planning a date, looking for something for the entire team, etc. They were looking for reviews, they wanted to make a comparison to be able to. 

Each of these customers were looking for something different. But, through using different keywords, we were able to lead them to our client. 

Then, even a quick look at the client’s menu and pizza would be more than enough to make the sale. 

By harnessing your potential customers’ intent, you can grow your business even further. For more help with this or anything else related to marketing, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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