From Darkness, Light: Growing a Business from a Recession 


Danny Star recently passed along an article about “10 Successful Startups Founded During the 2008 Great Recession.” 

There’s an irony to this because each of us on the team were well aware of a particular startup that was founded during the Great Recession: the company we’re working for. 

Website Depot began in the absolute pit of the recession. 

From there to where it is today in a little over a decade: that’s an incredible rise. 

Sure, much had to go right along the way. 

However, hard work and expertise carried the day. 

It all serves as a potent reminder that, even in the most challenging times, there is a way for things to improve. 

That’s always important to keep in mind. 



Growth Can Take Time 


If you have a moment, scroll through that article. 

Odds are, you’ll find some names that you’re familiar with: WhatsApp. Venmo. Slack. Square. 

Many of us on the team (old and new alike) were surprised to see just how far back those companies had been founded. 

While plenty of us hadn’t heard of Slack until, say, 2015, the company was actually founded in 2009. Venmo was founded in the same year, yet, many of us hadn’t used the app in earnest until the pandemic. 

So, that too shows just how important it is to “tough it out” during the most difficult times. 

Sure, every startup has advantages that others may not have. That said, they’ll face their own, unique challenges, too. 

If the people behind Slack and Venmo, for example, had given up in 2010, then they wouldn’t have been around to see their success today. 

That said, someone else may have stepped into the breach and come up with something that we use in a similar fashion. 

While recessions are the very opposite of “fun,” they can push you towards the right path. Danny and the team here are living proof. 

For help with your business in a recession or any other time, Danny is always glad to talk. You can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with him at (213) 457-3250. 


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