Active vs. Reactive: The Best Fit for Your Business 

Danny Star and the team here are always glad to read marketing articles that agree with what we believe. That said, we’re always intrigued by articles or information that challenges our thinking. 

An example of that happened today with this article about marketing lessons learned during the pandemic. 

Most intriguing to us was “dare to be political.” 

The author shows how it really helped their business. It established a kind of brand equity, cementing their connections to clients and customers. 

We agree with that sentiment completely. 

If you have political causes that you strongly believe in, which can help your business grow, then, by all means, dare to be political. 

However, it’s important to note that you don’t have to be “political.” 



Be “Political” If It’s Authentic to Who You Are 


We would caution against being “political” simply for the sake of being “political.” 

In this context, we use the word “political” to mean “taking a stand on a current political issue.” If that fits your company, your mission, your core values, and you, then great. But, don’t do it just to do it. 

That can lead you to coming across as inauthentic, out of touch, and inhuman – exactly the things you didn’t want to be seen as in the first place. 

As with most things, there are considerations to be made. 

For example, even looking at the author’s article, she says “on November 3rd, we gave (all of their employees) the day off to vote.” While that’s a “political” action, it isn’t necessarily a “partisan” one. While it involves politics, it does not necessarily constitute “taking a side” with one political position in opposition to another. 

In short, that’s the kind of “political position” that just about everyone could get behind. 

The delicate balance of being “political” without turning off potential customers/clients will be a struggle and opportunity for as long as you’re in business. 

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