How Your Company Can Learn from 2021 Beer Marketing

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Yes, Danny Star and the team here understand that it’s Tuesday morning. 

But, the weekend will come. (Even if it does seem impossibly far away right now.) 

When it does, like so many others, perhaps you’ll celebrate with an adult beverage, such as a beer. 

There’s certainly nothing wrong with abstaining from alcohol (there’s plenty of health benefits to that). By that same token, it’s OK to have a drink or two in moderation. 

The marketing of beer changed quite a bit in 2020. There are lessons you can learn from it for your company going forward. 

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Health Marketing Can Practically Always Help 


As this article shows, many of the most successful kinds of beer (certainly the newer ones) focused on being healthier. 

That could mean lower calories or carbs. It also might mean less alcohol. 

Marketing is almost always cyclical. Many of us can probably remember a time in our lives when beer was marketed as being “strong,” “thick,” and so forth, all words that conveyed high alcohol content (while never mentioning calories or carbs). 

Today, perhaps driven by the pandemic, customers are more worried about their health than ever. That even extends to something like beer, which, hey, even the healthiest person doesn’t think they’re going to lose weight drinking beer or something. 

But, in those moments where they do “cut loose,” more than ever want to do so in a manner that doesn’t erase the work on their bodies they had done. 

Even if you don’t sell (or even drink) alcohol, your company can take advantage of this. 

Look for ways to emphasize how your goods, products, or services, can help a person to improve their health. 

Or, alternatively (like these lighter beers) point out how it’s less potentially harmful than other, similar products on the market. 

To go the extra mile (pun absolutely intended) note the part at the bottom about sponsorships. “Amateur cycling teams” and “local 5K fun runs,” are just some of the events that these beer companies sponsor. 

You don’t even have to sponsor or advertise on an “in-person” event, you can do so for a virtual one. 

Following the steps these beer companies have taken can help your business in multiple ways. 

For more help, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny at (213) 457-3250. 


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