The Right Tone for Your Business 


When clients and potential clients ask Danny Star and the team what their content should be, they focus so much on, well, the content. 

That makes sense. 

Content is, after all, king. Content is something that people will always associate with your company, for good or for ill. 

There’s so much that goes into content: facts, advice, pictures, etc. 

One of the most important factors often gets overlooked: tone.

Tone is the “voice,” more or less, of your content. 

It’s less about the words and more about the way in which they’re presented; how they’re conveyed. 

With the right tone, your company can better connect to folks. Without it, your content (to say nothing of your company) will suffer. 



A Lesson from Healthcare Marketing 


The team reflected on this today as we came across an article about healthcare marketing. Specifically,  there’s a section about “balancing authority and empathy.” 

The idea is that, more or less, healthcare is different from any other industry. The stakes are, in many cases, literally life and death. So, that leads to “patients who are often experiencing extreme emotions.” 

This means “marketers must equally balance establishing the authority and showcasing the mpeathy of a physician.” 

That really struck us. 

In fact, we believe that can be good for your company regardless of what you’re marketing. 



Who You’re Talking to and Why 


No matter what business you’re in, you want to be able to “establish authority” while “showcasing empathy.” 

That’s true whether you’re’ providing healthcare, skateboards, or anything in between. 

After all, if you don’t come across as an authority, your customers will doubt your products. Consequently, if you lack empathy, people will almost automatically seek out your competition. 

Even marketing that doesn’t seem like it offers “empathy” can be empathetic to the right audience. For example, in video game marketing, you might have seen any number of harsh comments. It could be stuff like: “you’re a real gamer, not like the rest, etc.” 

It’s a way of empathizing by showing that you’re special, you’re better than them. 

(Obviously, this is not the preferred method of marketing for all companies. We’re simply explaining how a seeming exception is anything but.) 

Striking the right balance between authority and empathy can help you to connect to more people than ever before. 

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