Don’t Let Personal Preference Preclude You From Success


So much of what people do in marketing comes from experience. 

You try something. It works, it doesn’t, or, it works to an extent and you figure out ways to improve it. 

That’s certainly what Danny Star and the team do here. However, as we have so much experience, we’ve been able to help so many clients to bypass a lot of difficult, lengthy, and expensive “trial and error.” 

A marketer or small business owner’s experience can inform their personal preferences. It helps them to build on what they’ve done. 

That said, listening too much to your experience and nothing else can hold you back. It could preclude you from making your marketing everything it can be.

We thought of that as we read this article this morning. 



A Cautionary Tale 


The first section covers “newsletters.” 

If you read the quote, it contains several phrases like “I know a lot of marketers still see value in it,” “no one reads newsletters anymore,” “maybe there is an exception,” “I immediately delete them,” “I know personally,” and so forth. 

The truth is that not every marketing method is going to be perfect for every company or marketer. 

That said, it’s important not to let what’s happened to you before keep you from doing what’s right for your company or your clients. 

Marketing, as much as perhaps any other industry, requires constant experimentation. “Getting outside of your comfort zone” doesn’t just mean trying something new. 

Rather, it can also mean “trying something again that didn’t quite work out in the past.” Danny Star and the team here have had incredible success with newsletters. (In fact, if our numbers are to be trusted, the odds are quite good that you got here from reading this in a newsletter.) 

“Trying something new” can absolutely mean “trying something again,” or, alternatively, “trying something again in a new way.” 

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