Using All Your Resources to Get Things Done 


“I know I have to post something, but what?” 

“We want to get started with video marketing, and… I don’t know how we actually start.” 

These are common concerns that Danny Star and the team hear often. 

When a business owner starts with something new, they (naturally) want to do it right. 

Whether it’s video, a podcast, Instagram, TikTok, or anything new, there’s an idea that you have to get it “perfect.” They have to “start everything from scratch.” 

That’s not really true, though. 

You, in all likelihood, have what you need to get started with a new platform, content-wise, right now. 

Just look at what you’ve already got. 



Take What You’ve Got and See How it Could Be Used 


Something we say often on the podcast is: “build from the content you have.” 

For example, take your mission statement, your core values, something like that. 

You can make that a tweet or a Facebook post. 

Then, you can have the CEO/employees/staff explain it in a video. Of course, that will also show how your products/goods/services work, etc. 

Additionally, you could make a podcast about it, too. Have someone from outside your company interview you or get one of your staff members to do it. 

That’s all from one thing you’ve already got, your mission statement/core values. 

That occurred to the team when we came across this lovely article this morning. 

Specifically, it’s about “Things People Say That Show They Don’t Understand Email Marketing.” 

It’s a fun article. You can certainly get a lot out of it in regards to how to run your email marketing and how not to. 

But, there’s a larger, better lesson hidden in this article. 

That lesson is about content creation. 

Look closely at it and ask yourself: “how much of this did the author actually write?” 

The author didn’t write all of the “things people say that show they don’t understand email marketing.” 

The author put that prompt out on Twitter. Then, they made an article that was just the most interesting or funny responses. 

That’s it. That’s all it took to make a great piece of content. 

With that kind of ingenuity, you can create stuff that can grow your business well. 

For more help with this or anything else related to growing your business online, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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