Great Video Marketing When You Don’t Have Many Resources 


“We’d love to make videos for TikTok, YouTube, or anything else, but we just don’t have the resources.” 

If Danny Star and the team have heard that from one prospective client, we’ve heard it from many. 

Yes, it can be intimidating, particularly if your competition already has a following there. 

However, as we often say, “you have plenty you can use right now.” 

Even if you’ve never made a video, or even a blog post, you have something you can start with. 

Take your mission statement, your core principles, and start from there. 

Show how your products, goods, and/or services work, etc. 

You already know all that. 

Today, we’re going to discuss the one thing you have that can help you to make great videos (and really anything else) even if you don’t have much in the way of resources or experience. 





Maybe you don’t have a top of the line video camera. 

But, you or someone on your staff has a phone. That phone has a camera. So, you’re ready to film. 

This article explains it very well. 

As the “creative strategy director” at an “influencer marketing agency” that works with clients like “The North Face” and “Dickies” explains it: “When things are heavily branded or feel like curated advertisements they can feel out of place and jarring for TikTok’s audience… (TikTok) is a palace where the content look and feel is more lo-fi, and it makes sense to keep in line with this.” 

So, if you don’t have a lot of equipment, you already have the lo-fi aesthetic down. 

Authenticity, however, is key. 

That’s the thing that can’t be faked. 

You might also know it as “being real.” 

Authenticity is the exact, polar opposite of “heavily branded” and “curated advertisements.” 

Show what you do well. 

Show what you believe. 

That will, in turn, most likely, show who your company really is. 

That’s the kind of thing that people will connect to. In online marketing and everything else. 

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