Post-Pandemic Marketing Checklist Ideas


The pandemic isn’t over. 

Even as much of our team and our clients get the vaccine, the pandemic isn’t over. 

But, as a business owner, as a marketer, it is important to look ahead. 

Much of what we did, as well as what business owners and marketers alike did during the pandemic will continue long into the future. 

That said, there’s nothing wrong with looking around and taking some notes about what will and won’t last. 

Danny Star and the team reflected on that during today’s reading. 



Look to the Pros 


The headline of this article couldn’t be clearer. 

“GM marketing spend will return to normal levels post pandemic – chief marketing officer.” 

The details, however, are interesting. 

Last year, GM “cut its advertising and promotional spending… by about $1 billion.” 

Now, “GM is engaging with online influencers in a new way, launching vehicles in a more entertaining way and working to personalize communications.” 

Additionally, GM will now “offer a third-party app that delivers in-vehicle navigation capability to about 900,000 vehicles that lack the feature.” 

So, let’s look at this. 

GM cut their traditional marketing budget by more than almost a full third. 

But, they didn’t just sit on the money. 

Instead, they used it wisely. 

They put more of their emphasis on influencers. Additionally, they created an app that’s going to provide real value for their customers. 

Now, you might not be a multi-billion dollar corporation. But, there’s probably something similar that you could do to help your company right now. 



Some Things Never Go Out of Style 


Speaking of “something similar that you could do,” today’s article was inspired by this one we came across. 

All of the author’s points are very well-taken. 

They’re correct. 

Each of those is a skill that marketers are going to need after the pandemic. 

That said, each of those skills is something that will always be advantageous for marketers to have. Each of those will always be able to help your business. 

Indeed, even as the world changes, making sure that you’re putting enough of your attention and focus on those skills can help your company to continue growing. 

For help with your marketing and more in a pandemic or any other time, Danny’s here. You can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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