“Tastes Like Wow” – Lessons from Fresh Fruit Marketing 



Not something that everyone thinks about daily. 

Here at the Danny Star team, opinions on kiwis were mixed. 

Some loved them. Others had never actually had one. 

But, as with anything else in any other industry, digital marketing can help sell them. 

The team came across this article about how a New Zealand-based company is planning on marketing their “kiwifruit.” 

As ever, regardless of your industry, there’s something to be learned from how other companies market their products online and off. 



Online Marketing 


As the article states, “the digital (marketing) component will include social, email, online video” and “coupons.com campaign.” 

Much of this is to be centered around “Taste It To Believe It,” which is a “360 degree marketing campaign highlighting the unexpected flavor experience consumers have when they try a SunGold kiwifruit for the first time.” 

So, the takeaway here is: when you’re going to launch something, truly launch it. 

They came up with a cohesive campaign. 

Then, they put together plants for social, email, and online video campaigns. Additionally, they worked with other sites that are a part of their industry to incorporate it, too. 

However, that’s not all they did. 



Offline Marketing 


Something Danny often stresses, to us as well as in his remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles sessions, is how you can’t forget about offline marketing. 

Yes, digital marketing is important. No, it’s not everything. 

They certainly understand that at SunGold in regards to their kiwifruit. 

In addition to all of their digital marketing, they will also include “display advertising” and a “driving trial with Free Standing Inserts” and “direct mail.” 

Furthermore, “the consumer campaign will carry through (the company’s) updated creative on the in-store display showing the yellow, juicy texture of SunGold kiwifruit and ‘Tastes Like Wow’ graphics along with nutritional information.” 

All of that offline marketing will be able to reach folks that the digital marketing may not be able to. 

It will do so at the store (where they’re likely to buy the fruit). In addition to just showing off the fruit, it will include information from a trusted third party about how healthy the kiwifruit is. 

Surely, there’s a way to do something similar for your business. 

For help with this or anything else related to growing your business, you can schedule a meeting with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 




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