A Resonant, Trustworthy Voice for Your Business: Podcast Marketing Tips 


“Why should I do a podcast for my business? I’m not really a ‘talker.” 

We’ve heard some version of that complaint many times. 

The truth is that you don’t need to have had years of broadcast experience to get a lot out of having a company podcast. 

For one thing, it’s one more way to get word of your business out there.
You don’t need to have thousands upon thousands of subscribers (certainly not at the beginning). Really, you’re just starting another platform, almost like another feed similar to Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and the like. 

However, there’s plenty that sets podcasts apart, too. 



Reach Newer, Better Audiences 


Podcasting, by itself, probably isn’t going to benefit your business, true. 

But, when it’s part of your entire online marketing strategy, it can. When working in tandem with responsive web design, social media marketing, and so much more, there’s plenty to be gained from podcasting. 

Moreover, people consume podcasts differently. 

Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram pictures – people look at those. They read them, scanning through their feed. 

A podcast, though, someone might listen to that as they’re driving, if they’re out for a run or a walk. Maybe while they’re reading or cleaning up. 

“Reaching people where they are” is more than just putting something in front of them on a feed. Podcasts enable you to connect to them at different times and in different ways than other platforms would. 



Honesty, Clarity, and Humanity 


The longest tweet isn’t very long. Neither is an extensive Instagram or Facebook post, TikTok video, or the like. 

Even the best written social media post can’t convey all that much information. 

Blogs are great for information. 

But, not everyone wants to read them. Certainly not an entire blog. 

Even if they do, it might not let someone into the “humanity” of your company. As they read a post, it may not provide a real “human” touch. 

Enter podcasting. 

If there’s an idea you want to “flesh out,” you have the room to do it. Want to explain something at length? Podcasting is the perfect venue. 

Moreover, as opposed to blogs, when you explain something in detail in a podcast, people can connect to the real you. In a blog, they might skim, skip ahead, and so forth. In a podcast, folks can connect to who you really are: an authority at what you do. 

Do that, and you significantly raise the possibility that folks are going to come to you when it’s time to buy. 

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