Takeaways From Agile Alcohol Marketing 


Thankfully, millions have gotten vaccinated. 

That includes almost all of us here at the Danny Star Contribution Team. 

That means so, so much. 

Among those, (and neither the biggest deal nor the smallest one) it means that more people are ready to, well, party. 

Bacardi Limited is ready. 

While your business may have nothing to do with alcohol, drink, food, or anything of the sort, there’s plenty to be learned from how Bacardi dealt with the pandemic and is preparing for the future. 



“Consumers Have Had Their First Experience of Buying Spirits Online” 


That’s a quote from the article that many of us in the organization found to be true. 

Indeed, as the article goes on to say: “Before COVID, only 1% of spirits were bought online but this has changed dramatically. What we(Bacardi) saw in sales in a month we are now seeing in a week and what we were seeing in a week we are now seeing in a day.” 

Even with folks going out to bars and restaurants more and more, the above isn’t going away. 

People are still going to want to have alcohol delivered. 

Whether they’re having a quiet night with friends or a big celebration, getting the spirits delivered can save a lot of time. 

So, the takeaway here is: don’t scrap what you did digitally during the pandemic. It will still be able to serve you. Tweak it as circumstances change, sure. But, some of (if not many of) your customers altered their lifestyle according to your digital/delivery changes during the pandemic. They will want to continue those in the future. 



More Experimentation 


Another important quote: “in the uncertainty of the pandemic, we saw consumers move back to trusted brands.” 

This makes sense. 

If you were having alcohol delivered, you didn’t want to try something new. You wanted to trust that what you were getting was good. That held true for food, clothes, and just about everything else. 

So, it was difficult for some businesses, some newer ones, in that environment. 

However, now that we’re through much of the “uncertainty of the pandemic,” people may be ready to experiment more. 

If there’s something you held off on pushing, that you weren’t sure people might like, this could be the time to strike. 

For help with that and just about anything else related to growing your business, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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