How Assisted Living Marketing Can Work for Your Business 


“We want to do something unique for our marketing but we can’t think of something that’s actually worth spending the money on.” 

This is a common concern that many of our clients/potential clients have. 

It’s a genuine conundrum. You want to do something unique and vital, that gets people talking. But, you don’t want to spend a lot of time and money on something that may give you no ROI. 

Recently, Danny Star and the team came across an article that shows how blending “the unique” with “the familiar” can be very helpful for a business. 

Perhaps a bit surprisingly, that came from an article in “Skilled Nursing News.” 

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“A Local Story” 


That’s a really lovely term for what worked for a particular healthcare company. Like so many other companies in the wake of the pandemic, they wanted to focus “on a narrative of transparency and constant communication with the wider community.”

So, they made a Valentine’s Day video that was very similar to the movie “The Notebook.” 

In the video (not unlike the movie), a husband visits a “dementia resident” every day to help spark her memory of their relationship. 

They filmed using locations and equipment they had. Sure, they spent some money to do this, but they also based it on a famous movie that has been out for decades. 

Your business, no matter what it is, is most likely in a position where it can do something similar. 



“Intergenerational Programming” 


Nursing home facilities have a unique audience to target. They need to be able to target both the elderly as well as their children (who will, in all likelihood, be making the decisions about where the elderly go). 

So, in terms of the nursing home, they recommend holding at your nursing home “a piano recital, holiday concert or school field day.” The reason for this (other than the fact the residents would love it) is that it would put “operators in front of the people making housing decisions about their aging family members.” 

For your non-nursing home business, there’s probably something you can do in the community that would be both good for the community as well as your business. You can hold it at your property or sponsor it elsewhere. But, doing good for others is a great way to get people thinking about your business in a good way. 

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