Getting the Most From Your Content at Every Step 


You have a great piece of content. 

Now, what do you do with it? 

Maybe it’s a detailed how-to that your customers/clients could really use. 

Perhaps it’s a fun video showing how to use your product/services. 

It could even be a podcast where you had a particularly fascinating guest. 

The truth is that a great piece of content is always more than just one piece of content. It can be several. If done right, you can really “strip mine” them (so to speak) to get more out of them. 

It’s something Danny Star and the team here do often. 



Step by Step 


Your first step towards getting your content out there can come even before you finish making it. 

For example, no matter what you’re doing, a “behind the scenes” video can be useful. 

Sure, you probably don’t want to film yourself while you’re writing a blog. 

But, if you’re doing a podcast, filming a larger video, or even putting together a marketing campaign, behind the scenes videos can help. 

If nothing else, they can serve as a kind of teaser, a trailer. People can look forward to seeing what you’re going to provide. 

Then, once you’ve released your content, you can break that down in other venues. 

If you’ve released a podcast, you could also put some of it in a blog. You can mention it in tweets, Facebook posts, TikTok videos, and more. 

The opposite is true, too. If you’ve done a video, you can talk about it with the creators/workers behind it on a podcast. Then, do the same breakdown. 

The truth is that when you have a great piece of content, you have so much more than just a “great piece of content.” You can have several pieces of content, each of which can help your company. 

For more, you can schedule a remote marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star. You can reach him at (213) 457-3250. 

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