A Lesson in Authentic Marketing from Skateboarding 


“We want our content to be more authentic. Nothing slick or ‘salesy,’ but real, authentic stuff.” 

That’s one more statement that Danny Star and the team have heard from plenty of clients and marketing professionals over the years. 

Everyone wants marketing to be authentic, to be real. 

“Authentic marketing” can be a bit difficult to parse because it really is one of those “you’ll know it when you see it” kind of things. 

Moreover, you absolutely know when you see inauthentic marketing, too. 

So, how can you make your marketing more authentic? 

“Speak directly to your customers/clients.” 

Yes, that’s a big part of it. But, that’s not all of it. 

“Show you’re an authority.” 

Absolutely. That’s critical, too. 

But, there’s one thing 





That’s it. That’s really the key to authentic marketing. 

At each step, ask yourself “is this honest?” 

That doesn’t mean asking “is this trying to sell something to someone?” Of course that’s part of your marketing. 

But, if you’re just “selling,” or even feeling like you’re “selling,” then you aren’t being honest. 

This fascinating article about skateboarding marketing illustrates this in clear detail. 

All of the marketers and consultants mentioned in that article never really think about who the ad is for. 

They just think about what “looks cool.” 

Fixing this can be as simple as what the article says, picking “someone that resonates within (skateboarding) circles on an organic level.” 

The word “organic” is important here. 

If something feels too “forced” or if you’re “trying,” then you aren’t being “honest.” 

For example, it’s mentioned in the article that “brands get crushes on what they perceive as cool and agencies have relationships.” 

That’s something that can happen in big-budget skateboarding ads, sure. 

But, it’s also something that can happen in just about any business, any marketing. 

The more honest you can be (while showing your company in the best light) the better. 

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