Client of the Week: Dr. Laura Calnan 

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What She Does 

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She’s a licensed clinical psychologist who treats adolescents as well as adult clients. Her specialty is in treating depression, anxiety, and addictive disorders. 


Previously, Dr. Calnan was the staff psychologist for the La Ventana Treatment Programs in Thousand Oaks as well as Ventura. She also served as the primary therapist at Avalon Malibu. She’s been a professional for a long time, as she’s been in practice since 2007. 


In her work, she practices what’s called “Integrative Psychology.” The idea is to use technical eclecticism and integrated theories to bring the best, most empirically validated components of humanistic psychology, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and psychoanalysis so as to better help her patients. 


Her main goal is to help the individual and/or family obtain healthier, more sustainable relationships with others as well as with themselves. That’s possible through an emphasis on an inner process of healing as well as aiding others through compassion, authenticity, and acceptance. 


What Danny Star and the Team Have Done for Her: 

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It’s impossible to overstate the importance of mental health. 

Mental health is a real priority here at Website Depot as well as at Reputation Rehab. 

It’s an honor to work with someone as good at what they do as Dr. Calnan. 

Our goal is to make sure that as many people as possible who could benefit from her therapy can find her. 

We’ve only been working with her for a while, but the results are already encouraging. 

For example, she’s risen 57 spots on Google for the keyword “therapist Studio City” as well as 26 for “anxiety treatment Studio City.” As you might imagine, those are competitive keywords. That’s just some of how we’ve helped Dr. Calnan. To receive similar results for your company, you can call Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 

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