The New Hot Trend in Marketing: Optimism 


“We want our marketing to be ‘optimistic’ and ‘upbeat.” 

“There’s too much negativity in the world. We’re trying to do something positive with our marketing.” 

Danny Star and the team here often hear that from clients and prospective clients. 

It certainly makes sense that folks want to be more optimistic in just about everything they do. After all, each of us has been through a very difficult time in the last year. 

But, “optimism” in marketing can mean different things. 



“Optimism” = “Not Just Being Positive” 


There’s a common misconception that being “optimistic” in your marketing means “only saying nice things about your products and customers.” 

That can certainly be very effective, but it’s not all that optimistic marketing can be. 

For example, take this article about “In the Age of Cynicism…

“71% of those surveyed have little faith that brands will deliver on their promises; less than half of brands are seen as trustworthy (47%), and 75% of brands could disappear and would be easily replaced.” 

Obviously, that’s the “cynicism” part.” 

Here’s the optimism: 

“73% of people said brands must act now for the good of society and the planet, and 77% of consumers expect brands to show support to people in times of crisis.” 

“Optimism” isn’t just “being positive.” 

In terms of marketing, it means “making the world a better place.” 

After all, if you’re optimistic about the future, you’re trying to improve the environment around you. 

So, this makes it possible for just about any business to get plenty out of optimistic marketing. 

Sure, your restaurant/hardware store/and so forth may not be in a position to “act now for the good of society and the planet.” 

But, there’s probably something little you can do. Green initiatives, charitable donations, and so forth – doing good for others is perhaps the best, most effective way to be optimistic. (And it won’t hurt your marketing, either.) 

For help with this and so much else, you can schedule a marketing consulting in Los Angeles session with Danny Star at (213) 457-3250. 


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